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Tree Pruning

Our team is highly-trained to provide the most reliable tree care available in order to keep your tree healthy and beautiful. Our pruning service is a top choice for both commercial & residential projects.  Whether you need hundreds of trees pruned on a commercial lot, or just a few around your home, Tree Trimming Professionals is ready to serve you!

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Tree Removal

Tree Trimming Professionals are skillfully trained in even the most difficult tree removal.  Our team takes every precaution to ensure safety and care of your property. Whether your tree is dead, dying, unsightly, or simply must be removed for land clearing purposes - TTP's reliable and professional tree workers are prepared to handle the job.

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Stump Grinding

At TTP, we offer the highest level of expertise when it comes to grinding stumps into dust. Using cutting-edge equipment, our professional arborists will level stumps to the ground and then grind them into nutrient-rich mulch for the surrounding soil - with all bark and roots removed virtually without a trace.